Customs Broker

Arabian Global Logistics provide the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters, This involves the preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between government authorities and importers and exporters.

Arabian Global Logistics manages all kinds of permits, licenses and authorizations required for export or import.

Egypt. Customs Broker
Import and Export Customs Clearance is a stressful and complicated process. It is necessary and lawful to do right. Arabian Global Logistics can take on the burden of navigating the process.  Also, we can ensure entries are legal as a licensed customs broker. We are a dedicated customs broker that follows every regulation, keeps up with the latest developments in the statutory codes while taking the stress out of the process for you. This is because it is crucial to be compliant with Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Our staff have years of experience with customs brokerage. We work very hard to keep you compliant when we do the work on your behalf.

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