Air Freight

Flexibility, agility and efficiency in cost and airfreight service

Arabian Global Logistics ships oversized air cargo, small packages, boxes, pallets, large sized crates.  We can also air charter oversized air shipments such as containers, oil pipe, heavy machinery and vehicles.  We operate on an expedited basis for rush air cargo shipments.

Air Cargo Options

For larger items such as pallets, skidded equipment, and crates, Arabian Global Logistics ships air cargo by contacting the airlines directly to negotiate rates and work with them to ensure prompt and reliable delivery.  We ship pallets all the time.  We ship larger pieces on skids.  And we also ship oversized air cargo all over the world by air charter.

Airfreight is the most recently developed method of transport with the following essential characteristics:

  • Speed Airfreight is the fastest means of transport that exists, offering the ideal solution for logistical procedures.
  • Safety Airfreight is the safest existing means of transport, largely linked to rail transport, obtaining high safety ratings.
  • Flexibility in the airfreight is a great range of aircrafts for each type of transportation.
  • Monitoring control electronic monitoring systems and transport systems permit close monitoring of the exact location of the goods at all times in the airfreight
  • International Globalization Air transport, by its very nature, permits connection to any point on the globe. This connection and adaptation is due to the significant presence of new technologies, computerized and standardized procedures worldwide.

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